The project Misinfo Antibodies


Students, teachers, journalists, experts in Educational Technology and Media Education and policy makers in Cyprus

Young people from the Cyber Safety Youth Panel

The project is implemented by 10 young people of the CyberSafety Youth Panel group aged 14 to 19 from Cyprus


Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου
The Cyprus Institute
Παγκύπρια Σχολή Γονέων
Advanced Media Insitute
Ομάδα Νέων του CyberSafetyYouth Panel

About the project

In the project “ANTIbodies to MISinformation” we design, develop and apply to elementary, high school and high school students a standard experiential program against misinformation. The main goal is to develop the metacognitive attitude and the ability of adolescent students to critically deal with information in digital media.
We use climate change as an exemplary case study for digital misinformation, as it is a (literally and figuratively) hot topic in which there is a lot of information and misinformation. The training program is designed and implemented by the participating students themselves, members of the CyberSafety Youth Committee in collaboration and guidance from journalists, educators and policy makers.
This project is funded through the Cyprus University of Technology under the “Combating Misinformation through Media Literacy” grants, by the Embassy of the United States of America to the Republic of Cyprus and is also supported by the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth.

Partners : Open University of CyprusThe Cyprus InstitutePancyprian School for ParentsAdvanced Media Institute, Cyber Safety Youth Panel 



Educational Activities

Find activities that will introduce you to the world of misinformation about actions in the classroom or in the company. The activities are experiential, we want to explore and create together other activities for young people and adults, so we are waiting for your ideas. The activities are free to use (Copyright 2021 - "Antibodies to Misinformation" Group Available under Creative Commons Attribution - Similar Distribution CC BY ‐ SA) and we look forward to hearing from you.

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